18 y/o gap yearing before @Penn. building a new way to fund & enable emerging creators @MonumentLabs

Building Bitswap

A Monument By Sigil Wen

Creators share their story through minting new moments, collectible NFTs that can be bought and owned by their closest supporters, financially enabling creators to pursue their dreams.

APR, 12TH, 2021Building Bitswap in my bedroom @BitSwap being built from my room w/ @aryanm @uyxela and @venkat (2021...
APR, 20TH, 2021BitSwap Whitepaper: Solving BitClout's L...After a week straight reading papers on liquidity protocols and DEX ar...
MAY, 7TH, 2021I was offered $100,000 for 1% of my comp...From simply creating a post asking for advice on the Thiel Fellowship,...