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Discover emerging talent.

Own a piece of their monumental journey.

Monument lets you empower world-class talent to create cool, impactful sh*t
by collecting NFTs of their most important Moments.

What is Monument?

A monument is a collection of significant moments within a creators journey.

Dropping out, getting into YC, recieving funding, reaching 10M views etc.

Creators share their story through minting new moments, collectible NFTs that can be bought and owned by their closest supporters, financially enabling creators to pursue their dreams.

Owning moments unlocks unique creator rewards & incentives and signifies you as an early backer/supporter of the creator.

Exclusive content, decision power over the creator's life, early access to drops, 1:1's & more


The First Monument

While gap yearing before UPenn M&T, my goal is to pioneer and democratize an innovative use case of web 3.0 technology:  Tokenizing my potential ($SIGIL ) and going public when I turn 18 to crowdfund my move to Silicon Valley.

Alongside launching $SIGIL , begins my monument- a rare NFT collection of significant moments of my journey so far.

$SIGIL will be used to control my life as I streams myself 24/7 building Monument, documenting the trials and tribulations of the startup journey.

Through building a monument moment by moment, my goal is to share the authentic struggles and successes along the way, to inspire the next generation towards what is possible.

The Monument Vision 💫

Building a world where talent is worth as much as capital or fame.

Everyone has their own story. Buying moments and their token is like buying the latest chapter in a book as it is being written.
Owning that chapter provides resources for future chapters to be written and become even more epic.

Discoverability of Dark Talent

Nowadays, anyone can learn anything on the internet and prove their abilities.

Monument brings discoverability to high potential creators, and connects them with angels, NFT collectors, and superfans.

Unlocking Potential through NFTs

People want to be seen as early backers or supporters of talent.

Moments financially support creators, while getting buyers recognition that enable them to participate in the creator's journey.

Inspiring Through transparency

Monument embodies building in public, rewarding authentic Crypto Creators

As creators grow their monument they reveal their journey through life, becoming a resource and a role model for new creators.

Positive-Sum Creator Economies

Moments and Creator Tokens are a form of social equity within an individual.

If the creator succeeds so do their supporters. It's in everyone's interest to help each other, as they have a stake in their success.

Decentralized & Community Owned

Monument is built to be resilient from being de-platformed, entirely owned and governed by its creators and users.

Moments are collectible Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that follow the ERC721 Standard and are minted using the Zora Protocol. Each moment can be auctioned, bid on, bought, and sold through Zora's open-source decentralized NFT marketplace. All creator royalties are all on-chain.

Livestreaming is done through Media Network, a decentralized, community-owned Content Delivery Network (CDN), bringing ownership back to the creator.

Personal Tokens follow the ERC721 Editions Token standard, giving them semi-fungible qualities and to be fully owned by the creators and users.

Media used in the Moments and the Monument dApp are stored on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), meaning that all the files cannot be taken down by any single entity, remaining accessible indefinitely.

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